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Hey all :) i'm not dead i swear. 
9th-Jan-2006 04:54 pm
Vet Tech1-me
hey everyone,
I how ya'll all had a good Thanksgiving (since i haven't posted since the beginning of november...sorry about that), christmas, and new years.

I had a great...all of those. Oh and since i didn't tell you i passed all my classes. I made a B in office management, a C in Tech math, a C in Parasitology, and a D in A & P.

So that means i get to go on in the program, (Cause i had to make a C in Tech math to go on. and i had to make at least a D in A&P to be able to go to the next A&P). SO i'm happy with that.

So i'll tell you what i'm taking this symester and then there is some other things i want to tell about.

Starting the 17 of January, I will be taking

Monday and Friday A&P Lecture 900am to 1020am? I think
A&P Lab (On mondays) 1230 to 330 i think
Tuesdays and thursdays History 1230 to 150
Equine (horse) Reproduction 200 to 430...i think
Wenesday i have Exotics....but i don't remember with...something like 230 to 430

ok i'll put some more up later, i swear...talk to you later,
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